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May Lamplight

A successful week for Bellhaus at Lamplight! Proud of all our riders for their great riding and horsemanship.

✨ Fortune Favors and Gillian had some great rounds in the derby, performance hunters, and junior hunters

✨ Madison Avenue and Taylor competed in their first full week horse show! Showed by Cody Wooten in the young hunters and low adults with Taylor to some good ribbons and a wonderful experience

✨ Lopez De Montana and Claire continued to get to know each other and had some great rounds in the 1.00s and 1.10s. Claire is working hard to get great experiences for her new green import.

✨ Parida and Max played around in the jumpers this week for some nice rounds in the 0.80s and 0.90s

✨ Trevor and Amanda earned 4th in the Welcome, 12th in the Open Speed and 5th in the Grand Prix

Training provided by True North Stables Caitlyn Shiels and Cody Wooten!

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