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March Clinic with Darlene Sandlin

Updated: Apr 18

Bellhaus Equestrian hosted a successful first clinic with Darlene Sandlin March 9th and 10th at Mandt Equestrian Center with 9 horse in attendance and many supportive auditors.

Saturday sessions focused on flatwork and pole exercises to work on the basics of position. Sunday sessions involved jumping exercises that let the riders apply techniques learned on Saturday over fences. All riders focused on keeping weight and balance in their heels, following arms with good contact, and keeping a consistent pace.

Special thank you to our food sponsors!

  • Lodi Vet for Saturday Pizza

  • 4M Farms/Michelson Family for Sunday Chipotle

  • Hauser Family for Saturday and Sunday Dunkin Donuts

"Jumping is just flatwork with jumps in the way"

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