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December 2023 Ledges

Updated: Apr 18

Bellhaus riders had a great showing at December Ledges! Everyone had some great rounds and showed amazing horsemanship in their course gameplans and class decisions.

  • Claire and Ghost (Eldritch) made their horse show debut in the 2' and 2'6 hunters with some great rounds! Ghost is a lovely green thoroughbred with a future in hunters or jumpers.

  • Katie and Fern (Praise Breyer Rose) made thier horse show debut in the modified adult jumpers. It's so exciting seeing Katie back in the ring and we can't wait to see where this new pair goes!

  • Joellen and Dante (Jersey Shore) made thier way back into the show ring after almost a year off and got right back into rhythm in the 1.00 amateur jumpers.

  • Max and Bella (Parida) had some lovely rounds in the adult hunters. Max worked hard all week to provide excellent care for all the horses.

  • Amanda and Trevor put in some great rounds in the 1.25 amatuer jumpers and utilized being the only entry in the division to really school the courses.

Thank you to Kendall for providing the team with some great training and support!

And thank you to the friends from home who joined and supported the team both Friday and Saturday nights!

Photo credit to the amazing Robin Patterson!

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